Digital Subscriptions


Why are you charging for access to

The news and information published on our website is a valuable product. We’ve spent years building a strong online source for local news and information. By implementing a metered subscription model that combines free and paid access to our website, we are treating all our customers equally, whether they read us in print or online.

Technical difficulties

If you’re experiencing problems with the website, please call (262) 631-1735. If you need assistance with signing up, call (262) 634-3333.

How do I subscribe?

Call the customer service line at (262) 634-3333, or go use the options above

How does “metering” work?

All website visitors will be able to view 10 premium website pages at no cost during any 30-day period starting with their first visit. Advertising and some other site features are always available at no charge. Anyone who views such pages only, or stays under metering limits, will experience no change in access to our site. But “premium” pages of exclusive content will be metered.

Readers who run out of free views of these premium pages will be asked to sign up for a paid monthly subscription. Online readers who already have print subscriptions will be offered full digital access for a deeply discounted rate.

In sum, the meter reacts to individual behavior. Any piece of metered content might be free to any individual user at any given time.

Which pages count toward the meter?

– Local articles, including local news, sports, lifestyles, and state AP

– Local video

– Local photo galleries

Will all website content be metered?

No. Categories that do not count toward the premium page limit include:

– Homepage

– Section pages such as Local News or Racine SportsZone

– Classifieds

– Obituaries

– Search results

– Get it! Marketplace

– Today’s Deal

– Advertisements

– Weather News

How much does a digital subscription cost?

Anyone can purchase full access to for $7 a month. Current print subscribers will be offered full digital access for just $2 a month.

Do I have to register in order to read

No. You will not be asked to register until you have viewed 10 premium pages in a 30–day period.

How will I know how many premium pages I’ve viewed?

You will receive two messages. The first message will appear once you click on your fourth premium page. A second appears when you have used the 10 free premium page views. Each message contains an offer with a “click here to subscribe” feature, making it easy to subscribe. You can also subscribe by calling (262) 634-3333.

I’m a print subscriber. Do I need to register online?

Yes. Print subscribers also need to create online accounts to receive full digital access. If you’ve already created an account on, you can use that to register.